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We are an independent distributor of electronic components and offer our customers direct access to global markets to challenge your existing prices (costsaving), manage shortages (shortages) or find discontinued products (obsolescence).

Cost Reduction

Cost Saving

We support you in the procurement of your electronic needs at best prices, high quality and a comprehensive range of services. 

Chip Shortage


Get reliable quotes from international sources at your target price- and solve your short-term shortage.



Stay up to date on EOL and LTB announcements. We support you with alternatives to end-of-production components.

Excess Management

Excess Management

We free you from your excess inventories and provide you with additional liquidity and free storage space.

How can we support you?

We are a medium sized company and due to the current situation we need a quote for the purchase of our electronic components.

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We are looking for a replacement or alternative sourcing options for individual components that are no longer produced.

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We are not currently looking for other suppliers but would still like to get a quote on components used.

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Please send us your missing components and we will give you immediate feedback on availability.

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About us

From Reliabilty to Identity and from Humanity to Technology - What makes ALPYN electronics your ideal partner?

We support you - professionally and with the highest quality

7 reasons for ALPYN electronics:

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    Independent - through global sourcing and access to various sources.

  • Reliable - availability even in difficult market situations.

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    Up-to-date - optimized lead times through real-time market monitoring and big data analyses.

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    Fast - Shortest response times through automated processes.

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    Focused - on holistic solutions for long-term collaboration.

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    Comprehensive - customer service that inspires you.

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    Transparent - we are agile & responsive and value openness and documentation.


Our service and values

We assure you: we do our best, communicate with you at eye level and do not leave you alone.

We seek simple and pragmatic solutions in our work and clear words in our communication.

Quality management

Quality assurance is a top priority at ALPYN electronics.

With our certification according to ISO 9001:2015 we underline our claim to customer satisfaction, optimized processes and ourcompetitiveness.

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We are a service provider in the secondary procurement market, i.e., we have to work in a service- and solution-oriented manner in order to achieve long-term cooperation with our business partners.

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