Excess / Excess Management

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Excess / Excess Management

We buy your surplus stock (deadstock) at the best conditions.

You may know this situation:

No one feels responsible to reduce the surplus stock - and the responsibility remains with you in purchasing. The built-up surplus consumes valuable storage space, time for inventory and ties up liquidity. We can support you in converting this "ballast" into valuable resources.

Our Support

  • 3 models with flexible adaptation to your individual requirements.

  • Guaranteed good conditions through automated management and high number of possible buyers.

  • Determine the best conditions through "big data" analysis of sales history, current situation and similar requests.

  • Collect, analyze and evaluate several thousands of requests daily.

a win-win situation for all...

We offer 3
possible models

quarter circle

How may we support you?

Feel free to contact us with your request - a sales representative will contact you immediately and create a suitable offer for you.

Here is a quick and easy RFQ request for active electronic components!

First we need information about your request and in the second step you give us your company data so that we can contact you as soon as possible.

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Our Service

We can solve this vexing issue with the help of our integrated
"Alpyn Inventory Datamanagement" (AID): we have up-to-date market data, extensive global partnerships and build on modern software with AI and big data analysis

By handling several thousands of requests daily, we have a comprehensive picture of the market and are thus able to offer you good conditions and help you achieve your ROI.

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