We came to stay! ALPYN electronics on the way to the future

We are proud of what we have created together over the past year.

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"We came to stay!"

This is our guide for 2023. 🚀

We are proud of what we have created together over the past year.
We are the people behind ALPYN electronics.

Among other things, we did last year

✅ Our processes successfully ISO9001:2015 certified
✅ Our team expanded to 20 dedicated people
✅ Moved into our offices with around 300 m2

Much more important for YOU, however, is:

We have received more than 8000 inquiries and created more than 7000 offers from them. 💥

From this we were able to deliver the desired components for over 300 customers and thus support them with their current challenges.

What's next? We are working flat out on these points in order to continue to change the semiconductor market in the long term. We will launch the following tools and features in 2023:

🚀 Customer portal
🚚 Supplier Portal
📋 Material list/ bill-of-material upload
📦 A new warehouse of around 1600 m2
🏅 More certifications

At the same time, we rely on personal communication - and have set ourselves the goal of using our time on the phone, e-mail and in personal meetings even more intensively. 🚀

But we don't want to reveal too much. 💥

Our motto is after all
"Don't talk - just do it!"

We invite you to become a part of ALPYN electronics and to develop this exciting industry together with us.

👋 Stay connected - your ALPYNERS


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