Back to school: the basics of supply chain management - central vs. decentralized procurement

Choosing the right supplier, comparing offers and higher costs offer a large potential for error.

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Back to the classroom: The basics of supply chain management.

Today: (de)centralised procurement

What is the difference between centralised and decentralised procurement? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
(We are currently working on a superpost on this....and it will take a while).

But a quick preview....

Conclusion: It is notoriously difficult to stand on one leg. ☝️☝️
International sourcing brings with it many challenges.
The buyer balances between continuity, flexibility and sustainability in his supply chain.
This can be hard work and take up a lot of time.
Even without escalation....

In the process, the selection of the right supplier, comparison of offers and higher costs harbour a great potential for error.

The solution: Involve external experts in the procurement of electronic components on the world market in a joint project!
Whether bottleneck, obsolescence or cost saving -.
We support you in finding alternative supply chains and saving your time and nerves.

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